About Us

The Royal Latin School is a state funded co-educational Grammar School which became an Academy in 2011.

Our vision and values

Our overarching aim is to develop the skills and qualities necessary to enable all students to be happy and achieve their academic and personal potential.


  • To foster academic, moral, spiritual and personal development.
  • To encourage excellence
  • To develop students to become active responsible citizens.


We seek to promote and encourage the following qualities:

  • an emphasis on quality and excellence;
  • self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline;
  • respect and tolerance for different ways of life, beliefs and opinions;
  • a concern for equal opportunities and the challenge of stereotypes;
  • courtesy of speech;
  • an emphasis on quality and excellence;
  • smart appearance - we are all ambassadors for the school;
  • flexibility and adaptability to change;
  • a sense of responsibility - both personal and collective.


Alle may God amende (Ruding 1471);
High expectations for all (1993)

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