Draft Admissions Policy September 2020


Our Draft Admissions Policy September 2020  – now open for consultation [5th November until 18th December 2018].  If you have any questions or comments please direct these, in the first instance, to the Headteacher Mr David Hudson headteacher@royallatin.org

Admissions 11-16

Admissions to Year 7
The Royal Latin School is a selective Grammar and an Academy, therefore, pupils must satisfy the academic criteria for entry. Pupils join us in Year 7 after taking the 11+ selection tests which are administered by Buckinghamshire County Council. However, pupils may be considered for places at any age from Year 7 upwards. For Admissions during the 2018/19 academic year, appeals will be managed by the County Council’s Legal and Democratic Services team, on behalf of the school. If parents who are resident in Buckinghamshire are refused a place, they will be given full details about how they can appeal by the Admissions and Transport Team. Residents of other boroughs should also approach the Admissions and Transport Team for appeal information.
Transfer Testing Transfer Testing registration for possible entry to grammar school in September 2020 begins at 3pm on 1 May. The deadline for registration is 3pm on 28 June. There is an online application portal for parents to register their child for testing, and this can be accessed via the Grammar Schools and Transfer Test page on BCC website. The portal is the same as the one that is used when applying for school places, so it is important that in registering for testing parents appreciate that they are registering their child for the Transfer Test only and not applying for a place in a specific school. BCC will provide parents with supporting information which makes this clear and also guides them step-by-step through the registration process. Those parents that need to register their child should use this route no matter where they live. If a family has difficulty in accessing the internet, we would recommend they ask a friend or relative, visit their local library or ask their child’s school if they can assist. If you have any queries that cannot be answered using the information above, please contact the Admissions and Transport team – admissions@buckscc.gov.uk. Parents whose children attend a Partner or out county primary school can find all the relevant information including the link to the registration portal, from here.
Later Admissions to Years 7 and 8 Parents who wish to transfer their children to the Royal Latin School during Years 7 and 8 (e.g. the family is moving into the district) need to contact the Admissions and Transport Team on 01296 395000 and select option 3. Alternatively, parents can visit the website www.buckscc.gov.uk/admissions which has a web chat facility during office hours. The Late Admissions transfer test takes place in March, and you can apply from the start of Spring Term. The test includes English Language, Science, Maths and a Language of your choice (either French, Spanish or German); all topics cover the national curriculum and you will have a break between each 45-minute test. You will usually receive your results within three weeks once your paper has been marked by subject staff at the school.
Later Admissions to Years 9 – 11 For later entry into Years 9, 10 and 11, parents should download a Late Transfer Application Form. This should be completed and sent to Mrs L Moffat, Lead and Key Stage 4 Student Support at the school. A separate information pack detailing the range of GCSE subjects is available from the school. Click here for our 2018/19 Admissions Policy

Admission to the Sixth Form

Admission to Sixth Form Entry to the Sixth Form is dependent on GCSE performance. An on-line Prospectus is available from the School website which details the curriculum on offer at this level and describes the application procedure in more detail.

Visiting RLS

An Open Evening is held in June/July for parents and students who are considering applying to the RLS. We also welcome visits from parents and their children during school hours during autumn and spring terms. We are unable to offer visits during the examination period May and June. Please telephone the office on 01280 813065 to arrange an appointment.

Transport Between Home and School

Home to school transport is organised by Bucks County Council. Parents can speak directly to an Admissions and Transport specialist by calling the council’s general enquiry telephone number on 01296 395000 and selecting option 3. This line is likely to be very busy at peak times and so parents are encouraged to visit the website www.buckscc.gov.uk/admissions in the first instance. This contains a web chat facility during office hours. All pupils who use transport arranged by the Local Authority will be issued with a bus pass which MUST be shown on ALL journeys to and from School. A small passport-sized photograph will be needed for this purpose. In the event of a pupil being involved in inappropriate behaviour on a school bus, the Authority has the right to remove the bus pass for a period of time, which may be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of the incident(s). In such a case the parent(s) may be liable to provide alternative transport to and from school.

Disabled Access

If, as a parent, you have any access needs which would help you when attending functions at the school, please do not hesitate to contact the school prior to the meeting to arrange assistance. There are lifts in the Main Block, New Block and Discovery Centre. There are also disabled parking spaces at the front of the school next to the path, with ramped access to the Main Reception. There is one space to the rear of the school beside the Technology Block.

Appeals (Years 7-11)

Our admissions appeals are handled, on our behalf, by Buckinghamshire County Council. For information and policies relating to appeals, please click here.

Useful Links

Buckinghamshire County Council School Admissions Catchment Checker (Y7 -Y11 Only) Contact the BCC Admissions Tea
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