Child Absences

Notifying the school about absences

Planned Absences

These should be notified to the key stage teaching assistant in writing, in advance of the absence eg. medical appointment.
If you have a holiday request or other absence such as auditions, theatre performances, music exams, sporting activities etc you need to complete a Leave of Absence request form, not less than one month before the proposed period of absence. Please note however that all holiday requests will be classified as unauthorised absence unless there are truly exceptional circumstances.
Completed forms must be submitted to the Headteacher via the Head of Year.

Unplanned Absences

Please phone the school each day that your child is off unwell on 01280 813065 before 9am; there is a voicemail operating outside of office hours which allows parents to phone at their convenience to leave a message. Please leave the name of your child, their form, and the reason for absence.
If for any reason you experience difficulties in trying to report your child's absence by phone, there is an email address for reporting unplanned absences - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This should be used if you are unable to get through by phone.
If a student is not at registration and we have had no information from home about the absence, parents will be phoned to check the whereabouts of the student. If you receive such a call please reply as soon as possible, or if you realise you have not called before 9am please phone in as soon as you can.
Please help the school by making the call yourself about your son/daughter's absence.