Learning Resource Centre


Opening Times:

                Monday to Thursday: 8:30am – 5:00pm                

Friday: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Seating Capacity: 133

Mezzanine: Independent Silent study area.

Main Floor: Soft seating area, private working spaces,

group working area for general or class use.

Computers: 20 for school work use.

Printer / Copier / Scanner: for school work use.

Stationery Area: student use when working in the library.

Books: Fiction and Non Fiction – over 10,000

Career Section, Journals, Newspapers,

Magazines, Archive section.



  • Signing In/out - when working in the library during Independent Study,

    lesson time or after school all students must sign in and out.

  • Working in the Library - Please work quietly, sitting down, 

    without distracting others.

    (Sixth Form independent study time is a SILENT working session)

  • Furniture Please do not rearrange the tables or chairs.

    They are set up for working independently.

  • Mobile phones and all other devices, with the exception of laptops, 

    are banned from use in the library.

  • Computers – To be used for school work only (no games!)

  • Board Games - available at the desk for use before/after school, break/lunch.

  • FOOD must NOT be consumed in the Library.

    (Covered drinks are acceptable but not while sitting at a computer.)


  • Regrettably students ignoring the rules will be asked to leave the library.

    You may also incur a Library Ban and/or Strike.

    We are here to help you – please ask!

    Mrs Goddard – Librarian            Mrs Dykes – Assistant Librarian