Student Leadership Team

Welcome from the Head Boy and Girl and their deputies


Head Boy: Timi Oyekanmi (R)
Head Girl: Jess Cochrane (D)
Deputy Head Boy: Joe Wilmshurst (R)
Deputy Head Girl: Livi Parkinson (B)

House Captains

Barton: Oli Firth and Lauren Fahy
Denton: Denton - Tom Cleaver and Sophie Hoath
Newton: Fin Whitbread and Dolapo Adelakun
Ruding: Franz Schmidt and Jocelyn Cheng
Stratton: Billy Taylor and Azri Zakariya
Verney: Jadon Cuin-Wilson and Marina Lewis.

Year Captains

Y7: Alex Emary (N) and Almerin Gouws (N)
Y8: Georgie Chapman (N)
Y9: Eleanor King (B) and Simran Bilkhu (N)
Y10: Evie Burbidge (B)
Y11: Victoria Saunders (R)

Subject Captains

Art and Design: Georgina Howell (R) and Josie Blake (S)
Astronomy: Sophia Baker (N)
Biology: Jade Brown (S) and Harriet Kempson (R)
Business Studies: Dom Fitches (V) and Helena Brookes-Smith (D)
Chemistry: Tom Noel (R), Stewart Holloway (V)
Drama and Theatre Studies: Maxwell Kirbyshaw-Sims (B)
English Literature: Fenella Sentence (R) and Sam Abbott (V)
French: Tom Cleaver (D)
Geography: Charlotte Robertson (S) and Ellie Scott (B)
German: Amelia Kendall (R)
History: Rowan Watson (R) and Hailey Sockalingham (R)
Media Studies:
Music: Jadon Cuin-Wilson (V) and Nathan McPartlan (V)
Philosophy and Ethics: Lauren Kay (V) and Jaylene Mbararia (B)
Physical Education: India Cooke (S) and Sam Croxford (D)
Physics: Cami Nourshargh (S)
Psychology: Mollie Southam (D) and Josh Rooney (B)
Spanish: Tom Cunild (S)