Fundraising Update: 14th July 2021

Jo Ballantine

An update on the Campaign from our Director of Development, Jo Ballantine

“You’ve been incredible, and you truly are superstars . . . thank you”.

I am overjoyed to be able to share some good news, at long last . . . WE DID IT!!

After five years of fundraising and campaigning, I am thrilled to be able to say that we have reached our £3m target for the Sports Campus. Even better, we’ve exceeded it, and will be able to equip the new building in the way we’d dreamed of.

This has all become possible thanks to two very special factors. One, it’s been made possible by every single one of you, who has stepped forward to fundraise or donate. You’ve been incredible, and you truly are superstars . . . thank you. I’m in awe.

Secondly, it’s been made possible thanks to a very special commitment from local company, EK Robotics. In an act of overwhelming generosity, EK Robotics has pledged to pay all of the remaining Sports Campus costs, once we’ve counted up all of our other fundraising at the end of term. Even better, they’re also going to pay for the technology packages that will make all the difference to the fitness suite, and will really help inspire and motivate us all to be active. On top of all of that, they will be helping and funding other areas of the school for the next ten years, and will be running lots of robotics and STEM activities in the Discovery Centre. 

In recognition of this extraordinary contribution, we will be naming the new sports facilities the EK Robotics Sports Campus. You can find out more about EK Robotics and hear Mr Hudson announcing the partnership here

We can now concentrate on getting the equipment into the Sports Campus over the summer, and on making it ready for students and the community in September. I’m so looking forward to showing everyone around, and to seeing the exciting, life changing outcomes the new facilities will bring.

They say you can never say thank you too many times, and that certainly feels true to me. So: thank you, from the Royal Latin, from our students and community, and from me personally. To say that this has been a challenging campaign would be an understatement, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fabulous fundraising and school colleagues, campaign board members, and all those who have believed in and championed the Sports Campus and broader 600 Campaign vision right from the very start. Your belief and enthusiasm fuels our determination and progress, and matters just as much as the pounds in the coffers. Thank you. 

My best wishes for a very lovely summer!


Director of Development

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