Phase Two: Sports Campus

Sport matters. Giving young people a positive sporting experience at school is vital for their development and is the essential foundation for lifelong fitness.

Statutory funding is tight, and as the worst funded school in England, we know this more than most. But we don’t believe that a lack of funding is a good enough reason to justify under-investment in our sporting facilities, when there is so much at stake.

We believe that UK state school sport is in need of a serious step change. Our vision for a Sports Campus is to:

• create a sporting education which benefits young people, their future employers, and our community
• encourage sport for all and nurture emerging talent
• support a whole school sporting ethos
• invest in facilities that inspire everyone to raise their game

The Royal Latin School has a unique opportunity to build on 600 years of educational excellence to deliver this step change, and to share that expertise with others – but doing so will require a level of investment in sporting facilities that cannot be met from public funding alone.

In June 2016 we launched a £3m fundraising campaign to meet the cost of new sports facilities for our 1280 students and community partners. We are seeking support from Sport England, sports governing bodies, corporate sponsors, professional sportspeople, community organisations, parents, alumni – and everyone who shares our sporting values and ambitions.

We hope you will want to play your part. Please explore this website to find out more, and contact us if you would like to get involved.

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