Sponsor a Hero
Sponsoring your Sporting Hero is one of the ways you can show your support to the Sports Campus, as well as helping us create an inspirational wall of sporting heroes that will sit within our Sports Campus forever to encourage and inspire our current and future generations.
Be it a world-class individual sporting achievement, a great contribution to an amazing team success, being a great role model on and off the field, or even using their status to influence social change, there are many reasons why someone might be viewed a sporting hero.

Who would your Sporting Hero be and why? 
If you and your family/friends would like to fundraise for, or donate to add a Sporting Hero plaque to the Sports Campus, we would love to hear from you. A sporting hero plaque donation is £500, or you can pay in 5 monthly instalments of £100.


Need some inspiration?

If you’d like to offer your support, but would like some inspiration, our students have been busy thinking about their sporting heroes, and we’ve also been able to ask a few celebrities about their sports heroes too. Check out our Sporting Hero inspiration page for some ideas.

What next?

If you would like to make a donation and have a sporting hero in mind, complete our online checkout above! 

You can complete everything you need to via our online checkout, or if you would prefer to pay by cheque, standing order or bank transfer, please complete the Donations Pledge Form.

If you have any questions, please email is at RLS600@royallatin.org

Mark Gene, Ferrari F1 Test Driver

Your plaque will join others in a Wall of Sporting Heroes displayed inside the Sports Campus Building at the head of our new 3G pitch facility and the gateway to our fantastic new facilities; the Mind & Body Zone, the Fitness Suite and Sports Technology lab. 

Our Wall of Sporting Heroes will inspire our students and local community users to work hard, play hard, get fit and healthy and achieve great things. It will be something for them to see on their way to a match on the pitch, for a workout in the gym, to reflect, stretch and relax in our studio, or discover something new in the sports technology lab.