600 Minute Challenge 2020

It’s back for the fourth year, for 2020! One month, 600 minutes of activity, all in support of the 600 Campaign of course! And this year you get a bonus day, with February 2020 being a leap year!

Taking part doesn’t have to involve participating in a sport; walking the dog counts too! Once you’ve signed up, email rls600@royallatin.org to let us know you’ve registered and to provide the names of those you have signed up. You can download your activity log (available below soon) to keep a track of your minutes. You could also get your friends and family to support you further through sponsorship; a sponsorship form is also available to download below. ‘600 Minute Challenge Hero’ wristbands will also be available from the Student Office for all those who have registered.

During February there will be 600 Minute Challenge-themed events taking place in school – further details available soon.

How to register

Register via ParentPay or via Charity Checkout, then email rls600@royallatin.org to complete your registration.

Activity Log

You can download an activity log, to help you keep track of your progress, here.


If you would like ask friends and family to sponsor you to complete the 600 Minute Challenge, or to take part in a specific activity or event as part of the Challenge, you can download a sponsorship and gift aid form here

Activity ideas, special offers and events

For inspiration on how to use your 600 minutes, please download our 2020 activity ideas sheet here.

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