RLS Runs The World - a Virtual Challenge Event

We Challenge YOU to Run (around) The World!

Friday 15th May – Friday 12th June 2020

We did it! The Challenge has been completed today as our incredible team of RLS students, staff, parents, sibling and alumni completed the final 40,000km and arrived back home to Buckingham! What a journey! Check out our progress on our Progress Page >

You can show your support to our team by adding to their fundraising total! Please visit our JustGiving pages.

You can also send a text donation to show your support through our text donation service:

To donate £5, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 5 to 70085

To donate £10, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 10 to 70085

To donate £15, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 15 to 70085

To donate £20, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 20 to 70085

You can donate any whole figure amount between £1 and £20 by text. Texts cost the amount of your donation plus one standard rate message. You will receive a reply text asking if you would like to use Gift Aid to add 25% to your donation if you are a current UK taxpayer.

This exciting Virtual Sporting Challenge Event is open to all RLS Students, Parents/Siblings, Staff and Alumni, and is designed to bring our community together, get us fit and healthy, gain a sense of achievement, and raise valuable funds for the Sports Campus during these different times when we are all at home more than normal.

Check out our video message to tell you all about it!

The Challenge is to run (or walk or cycle) as far as possible over a month, log your distances, and let’s see how far we can collectively travel around the whole World (40,075 KM).

Each week we will see how far we can travel, and once we’ve virtually arrived at a new destination we’ll update our World Travel Progress Map (above) and give you a few facts and virtual tours you can do in that destination. There will also be Amazon Voucher incentives at certain points along the way – so keep an eye out for them. Wouldn’t it be amazing to “visit” some of these incredible places! It’s a HUGE challenge but we’ve never gotten anywhere without aiming high. If we all do our bit, we might just make it! We hope everyone can get involved, however much or little.

To take part, there are three simple steps to get you set up:

Step 1. Complete the Challenge Registration Form so we know who is taking part.

Step 2. Set up your Fundraising Page or Make a Donation (whatever you can afford)

Step 3. Sign up for your free Strava account and join the RLS Runs the World Strava Club.

See details below on how to sign-up. There are also more detailed step by step guides available, and you can email RLS600@royallatin.org if you need extra help.

Try and get yourself set up for Friday 15th May, ready for launch day! You can sign up any time during the Challenge but the more time your give yourself, the better!

Step 1: Challenge Registration

Signing up for the Challenge is really quick and easy, click on the green Registration button below and complete and submit the form. This enables us to know who is taking part. It’s a really important part of the set-up as we need to know who you are to allow you into our private Strava Clubs. NB If you don’t complete this form before you request to join the Strava Clubs, your request will be declined as we won’t know who you are. Please make sure you complete this step first! Our Strava Clubs are set to “private” to protect our students. Thank you!

Step 2: Setting up your Fundraising or Making a Donation

RLS Students 

RLS Students – we would like you to take this on as a Sponsored Challenge and raise sponsorship for doing your part in achieving this ambitious challenge! Please visit our fundraising event page on JustGiving, set up a fundraising page (orange button) and share this with your family and friends. We know everyone is in a different situation so anything you can raise will be amazing. If every student in the school could raise £10, that would mean we can add over £10,000 to the fundraising total and that would make a real difference! See this JUSTGIVING Set Up Guide on how to set up your fundraising on JustGiving.

For students would would prefer not to raise sponsorship and make a donation instead, that is also an option for you. Please just follow the guidance below for RLS Families, Staff and Alumni.

RLS Families, Staff, Alumni

RLS Parents/Siblings, Staff and Alumni – we would love you all to take part too making this a real school community effort. Instead of raising sponsorship (although you are welcome to if you wish), we’re asking that you make a voluntary donation to take part, whatever you can afford, by using our text donation service or donating online on JustGiving;

To take part and donate £5, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 5 to 70085

To take part and donate £10, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 10 to 70085

To take part and donate £15, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 15 to 70085

To take part and donate £20, text: RLSRUNSTHEWORLD 20 to 70085

You can donate any whole figure amount between £1 and £20 by text. Texts cost the amount of your donation plus one standard rate message. You will receive a reply text asking if you would like to use Gift Aid to add 25% to your donation if you are a current UK taxpayer.

If you would like to donate more than £20, you can also make a donation to the 600 Campaign through JustGiving, or through ParentPay if you are already set up on the school system.

Step 3. Sign up to Strava and Join the RLS Runs the World Strava Club


How will we know how far you’ve run? We will be collecting and collating everyone’s distances using Strava – a free service that tracks and stores sporting activities. We want to make this part of the process as easy as possible. We have put together an RLS Strava Set Up Guide explaining the step by step process and the three main areas are outlined below:

Firstly, everyone will need a free Strava account to take part which is quick and easy to do, but then how you use it to upload your distances is up to you.

To sign up to Strava you can either download the Strava app onto your Smartphone, or you can log onto their website and sign up there.

When you have set up your account, please visit the Privacy Controls and follow the guidelines in our RLS Strava Set Up Guide to make sure you are using the app safely.

Once you have a Strava account, please go to “Explore” and request to join our private Strava Clubs:  RLS Runs The World (Run/Walk) and/or RLS Runs the World (Cycle)/RLS Runs the World (Other). This is how we’ll keep count of everyone’s activities. We have to have three Clubs as Strava only measures distance if you differentiate between activity type. Walkers can use the Running Club as long as you record your Walk as a “Run”, or join the “Other” Club if you are worried about your running stats being affected. If you follow the Privacy Controls we recommend only those that you allow to follow you will be able to see your activities, but the Page Admin (Mrs Amodio) will be able to collect and collate everyone’s data and produce weekly updates on how we’re all doing together. and you will also be able to see what other members that you follow have been doing. 

There are different ways you can upload your activity distances. Choose whichever suits you best:

Strava – automatic feed

If you are using the Strava App on a smartphone or other GPS device, the distances you run / cycle / walk will upload automatically.

Alternatively, if you have a fitness tracking device (FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch), you can sync this to Strava and get your distances counted that way.

It is very important that you follow our safety guidelines regarding your personal information and location privacy if you use Strava. See our RLS Strava Set Up Guide. It is just a case of adjusting your settings.

Strava – manual entry. If technology isn’t your thing, or you don’t have GPS on your phone or a device, you can visit the Strava website and manually complete and submit your distances each time you run/walk/cycle. You will still need to sign up to Strava and join the RLS Runs the World Clubs. We will be able to collect and collate your distances from there.

If you would also like to keep your own written log of the distances you have run / walked / cycled, you can print and complete this logbook:

RLS Runs the World Manual Log.

Hopefully there is a solution that suits everyone. If anyone has any problems, email us at RLS600@royallatin.org and we will see if we can help. 

Thank you for following Steps 1 – 3 to get yourself set up!

Each week we will update our website so you can see how far we have travelled as a school community.

How long do you think it will take us to get to Paris? (580km)


Make sure you choose a safe route to run on e.g. paths, well lit safe areas.

Make sure someone in your household knows where you are running and when you should be due home.

If you are using the Strava App or other tracking device, ensure your privacy settings have been switched ON.

Warm up and cool down, and remember to hydrate.

We do not advise running with music outdoors so you can hear traffic or other warnings.

Please ensure you follow all government advice and look after your own safety as well as the safety of those you come into contact with. Under the current restrictions please make sure it is completed alone or with members of your household as part of your daily exercise routine. You can also log activities around your house and, if you are lucky enough to have one, your garden.  Please remember to make sure you follow social distancing rules at all times.

How will we know how we are we doing?

At least weekly, we’ll post updates on how we’re doing on the POSTS sections in Strava, and on social media. We will also update this website each time we hit a major destination milestone! There are also summaries and leaderboards to give us an idea of our weekly totals.

Contains test data at the moment:

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