RLS Runs the World - Progress Updates

RLS Runs the World is our whole school community Challenge to collectively run around the World (40,075km!). Each time we arrive in a major destination along our route around the World, we’ll give you a little insight into where we are, what you can see and what you can taste!

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RLS has Run around the World – we’re home! – 12th June 2020

We did it! Our amazing team of RLS Students, Staff, Parents, Siblings, Alumni (and pets!) have collectively run, walked and cycled over 40,000km together, all around the World! We started this morning from a cold and misty John O’Groats and reached the finish line back home in Buckingham at around 2pm. We have busted through our fundraising target too! Thanks to everyone that has supported the team and kept them motivated along the way! It has been a great demonstration of how sport can bring people together and bring a huge sense of positivity and achievement even in the most difficult of times. THANK YOU.


RLS Arrives in Scotland – 11th June 2020 (evening)

RLS is on its way home! Having arrived on the northern shores of Scotland after crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Iceland, we have a full day ahead of us as we travel south past Inverness, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and into Buckingham… it’s 1000km so I wonder how long it will take us…

Whilst in Scotland, check out this relaxing view of the incredible scenery.

And hear from this Ben Nevis adventurer – don’t do what he did!

RLS Arrives in Iceland – 11th June 2020

Continuing across the northern Atlantic Ocean from Greenland, we reached Iceland yesterday! Just the “short hop” across to Scotland will get us where we need to be for tomorrow’s homeward sprint!

But while we are here:

Hear about some differences between Greenland and Iceland

Hear why Iceland may be “the 3rd most happy country in the World

And go on a Icelandic foodie tour!

Enter our RLS Runs the World QUIZ

To test your knowledge of some of the places we’ve travelled through over the last month, here’s a Mini Quiz. Send your answers to lamodio@royallatin.org by 8pm Thursday 11th June. All correct entries will be entered into a draw for another Amazon voucher. You do need to be a registered member of the Challenge to enter, which is still open if you want to join.

10th June – RLS has arrived in Greenland

Heading north east now, we’re skirting the edge of Greenland as we head to our final stop before home. On our journey from New York, we passed through leafy Vermont, across Newfoundland & Labrador in Canada, and into the icy waters towards Greenland – the largest island in the World, the size of Western Europe – and 80% of which is covered in a huge ice cap! 

Get a taste of what it might be like to visit Greenland, including the chance to see the Northern Lights.

And read about the huge implications of climate change here as the sea warms up and the huge ice cap melts… 

9th June – RLS Arrives in New York City!

Having managed to run, cycle and walk from Florida to New York in a day, we started out from the “Big Apple” this morning and 
are now winding our way north, Canada-bound.

Learn about how New York has welcomed so many new settlers all through the decades, seeking refuge, freedom or economic opportunity, making it the rich human tapestry it is today.

Check our the skyscrapers that define this metropolis and continue to evolve, changing the famous skyline

Get some NYC street-style fashion tips at New York Fashion Week 2019

Feeling hungry? Take this 24 hour New York Food Tour

House Photo Competition Winners

Last week we ran a House-Colour Photo Competition. The entries have been brilliant. The house that received the most entries was…….. Newton with a great selection of photos. Everyone in Newton that entered a photo will receive 5 House Points for their efforts! 

And the two photos overall that win an Amazon voucher for their action or creative shots, are Millie H (Ruding) for her great shot of blue light caught over the flowers, and Oscar M (Verney) for his brilliant action shot in orange. Thank you to everyone that took part.

8th June – RLS Arrives in Florida

Loads of cycling and running and walking on Sunday and this morning, has got us to Florida by morning! 

The Sunshine State is full of excitement – beautiful beaches, theme parks, wildlife, and space exploration!

Check out the latest rocket launch from Cape Canaveral on 30th May, courtesy of NASA and SpaceX (and Bob and Doug). Scroll forward to 2:50 for blast off.

Learn about the history of the building of Walt Disney World

Check out these cute baby alligators, as well as this rather large one!

7th June – RLS Arrives in Costa Rica

After a full day out running in the rain on Saturday, it’s perhaps apt that we arrive in Costa Rica where they experience 10 months of  rainy season!

Intensely rich in biodiversity, and one of the world-leaders in environmental protection and renewable energies – Costa Rica has a LOT to teach us about!

Hear from the President about how Costa Rica is leading the way in protecting our planet

See and hear about Costa Rica’s amazing biodiversity.

Hear how and why Costa Rica has made a decision to have no army – from the entertaining “Costa Man”

And if this has inspired you, check out the many eco-projects that you could be part of!

6th June – RLS Arrives in Quito, Ecuador

Straddling the Equator, and home to the “Centre of the Earth”, we have the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the Equator to run across as we travel through and onwards from Equador!

Have a look around the capital city of Quito

Check out some equator experiments!

And for some “culture” and entertainment, endure this 90s classic that you may or may not be old enough to remember!

5th June 2020 – RLS Arrives at Machu Picchu, Peru

We have arrived in Peru – in western South America – and have headed straight up to Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Inca.

Hear and See from the Vagabrothers about their visit to Machu Picchu and behind the scenes of their VR film.

Take a tour around more of Peru, including mountains, vibrant cities, baby llamas, rainbow-coloured mountains, island hopping, sand dunes and salt mines!

Brush up on your Spanish while you are here too.

 2nd June – RLS Arrives in Hawaii!

Aloha! We arrived in Hawaii last night! This colourful and culturally-rich, 700 million year old volcanic archipelago has a lot to offer – in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, and constantly growing due to its unique geographic story,  it has strong traditions, a beautiful holistic culture, delicious food, and HUGE waves for surfing!  
Tomorrow is also GLOBAL RUNNING DAY! Perfect-timing for our weekly scheduled Strava Club run on Wednesday, 2pm – join if you can, it’s not compulsory but a suggestion for a whole-school run at the same time.

1st June – RLS is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

A big old beast, the Pacific is pretty huge so it’s going to take us a few days to get to the Americas, but hopefully a stop for a rest at Hawaii on the way!

Today we reached one of the most isolated islands in the World, Midway Atoll. Sadly not the tropical paradise we might imagine but a tiny island plagued with plastic pollution. Only around 40 scientists/environmentalists live temporarily on the island, using this unique location to research and monitor climate change.

> Watch this video of an inspirational Frenchman who swam across the whole Pacific Ocean over 6 months, to raise awareness of plastic pollution, and get a glimpse into how he survived both physically and mentally in one of his biggest ever challenges!

30th May – RLS Arrives in Tokyo

From Beijing, across North Korea, we were somewhere in the middle of the Sea of Japan last night… but with this morning’s efforts – over 300km already – we reached Tokyo! 
Check out this video about being a 16 year old in Tokyo today; from skateboarding, parkour, gender identity, fashion, health & wellbeing, pop icons, climate change, and scrambled eggs – it might be interesting for you to hear from teenagers in a completely different culture to ours.

29th May – RLS Arrives at the Great Wall of China

We covered a huge 2,300 km yesterday together! and travelled across the huge expanse of China and arrived at the Great Wall of China, just outside of Beijing by nightfall. We’ll be starting our journey from Beijing today, and heading in the direction of Japan…

See some incredible sights of the Great Wall from above, courtesy of National Geographic

And hear about its construction history from this Ted-Ed talk

As we started today in Beijing for breakfast, check out this Vlog about breakfasting in Beijing – what would you try?

28th May – RLS Arrives in Hanoi, Vietnam

Continuing across SE Asia, we arrived in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi by evening.

Find out more about Hanoi here,  including local delicacies including Egg Coffee – delicious apparently! And a Top 10 of Hanoi here.

Check out nearby Halong Bay while we’re here too. 

27th May – RLS Arrives in Bangkok

Making it across the Bay of Bengal after two days, and into the land of smiles  – Thailand – where we made it to the busy, bright city of Bangkok by nightfall!

Get an intro to this fascinating city and some top tips from the Lonely Planet

Check out some hidden gems

And whilst we’re not passing by, don’t forget to have a glimpse of the beautiful Thai beaches

26th May – RLS travels across the Bay of Bengal

A perilous route across the Bay of Bengal has been the name of the game over the past few days. Leaving Kochi in India, we crossed the country and set off across the Bay of Bengal in the direction of Myanmar and Thailand. Known for its fierce cyclones, and devastatingly suffered a “super-cyclone” just last week which has left many areas of coastal India and Bangladesh in states of ruin. Check these videos for news updates,  reports about why cyclones are so prevalent in this area, as well as a taste of more calm and pleasant times in the stunning Andaman and Nicobar Islands found along the way.

25th May – RLS has arrived in Kochi, Kerala

Our Run-the-Worlders must have had the wind behind them yesterday as we zoomed down to the south of India to Kochi in Kerala. Known for its palm-lined beaches, quiet backwaters, and mountains whose slopes support tea, coffee and spice plantations – our Year 12s were due to visit Kochi this year which as had to be cancelled so here are a few videos to give a glimpse into this beautiful region:

Take a sneak peek into Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea

Explore the Kerala backwaters here

Learn how to make famous Keralan Fish Curry


23rd May – RLS has arrived in Mumbai, India

A great effort in walking, cycling and running got us out of Pakistan and across the border into India! Past colourful Rajasthan, through the industrious city of Ahmedabad, and down to the historic port town of Mumbai by evening. 

Find out about the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, including a visit to the famous Dharai slums and its friendly industrious people. And don’t forget that Mumbai is the home to Hindi Cinema, aka “Bollywood” – you can learn about what it’s like to be a Bollywood dancer here.

22nd May – RLS has arrived in Karachi, Pakistan

A windy day that has been helping some and hindering others today! But we still covered plenty of ground, leaving Dubai in the morning, travelling through Iran, and into Pakistan by the evening and along to its capital city, Karachi. Unfortunately today, in the real world, Karachi suffered a terrible plane crash tragedy so we will be thinking of them today/tonight.

To find out more about this fascinating city – 7th largest in the world, with 24 million inhabitants, check out some of these sources below:

First impressions of Karachi vlog

Check out some Pakistani Cricket, the country’s No1 sport

Not wanting to ignore today’s very real tragedy happening in Karachi, here is some BBC news footage about the plane crash. Some may find it disturbing, so only watch if you feel comfortable.

21st May – RLS has arrived in Dubai

It’s been a great day for getting fresh air and sunshine, and we’ve covered lots of kms too! Leaving Yemen and travelling through Saudi Arabia, we reached the Emirate of Dubai by nightfall!

Around since 3000 BC, Dubai started off a fairly insignificant fishing village that became an important trading port, and over the years has transformed and developed into the “megalopolus for the rich and famous” that is today.

Hear about the extravagant lifestyles of the 10 richest people in Dubai, and the mind-blowing plans for future developments in this jaw-dropping city of skyscrapers and man-made islands!

If you have access to Netflix, you can also check out the documentary “Fittest in Dubai” that may give you some training hints!

20th May – RLS has arrived in Yemen!

Following a day’s hard graft, we left Sudan in the early morning and travelled through Ethiopia, across the Red Sea and into Yemen, to its capital Sata’a for the evening. Amazing work everyone, on a really hot day!

Believed to be one of the oldest inhabited regions of the world, Yemen’s rich heritage and beautiful natural landscapes are worth a virtual look around:

Check this pretty impressive architecture, known as the Rock Palace

Escape to this “Robinson Crusoe” island just off the Yemen Coast

Unfortunately Yemen isn’t a place you can actually visit right now, it is undergoing a huge humanitarian crisis and has been war torn for many years. Hear one person’s explanation here of this troubled zone in the Middle East.

19th May – RLS has arrived in the Sudan!

Today our “Run the Worlders” have mainly been running/cycling and walking down the route of the Nile (it’s very long!). Leaving Luxor in the early morning, we covered 2000 km south, through the Sahara Desert, past Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, and down to the Al Dinder National Park by nightfall. Home to many wild friends, including giraffe, antelope, gazelle, dik-dik, buffalo, lion, and ostrich, black rhinoceros, leopard, cheetah and elephant!

Having been the scene of a political revolution just last year, the newly formed Republic of the Sudan, is still finding its feet. Find out a bit more about this fascinating country following these links:

A summary of the stages to the Sudanese Revolution, and how women played a key part in changing the country’s history.

In more peaceful times, catch this Vlog about 48 hours in Sudan, seeing pyramids, bustling Khartoum and amazing Sudanese hospitality – an unexpected oasis.

And catch Joanna Lumley’s mesmerising trip along the Nile, into the Sudan – the same route we “travelled” today!


18th May – RLS has arrived in Luxor!

Our runners/cyclists/walkers have covered some hot and dusty grounds today, but with some breathtaking “wonders” along the way! Leaving Petra after breakfast, we headed 600km west and into bustling Cairo by lunchtime, with a visit to the pyramids at Giza and then we headed south down the Nile arriving in Luxor and all its grandeur by nightfall!

See some of the hustle and bustle of Cairo here.

See one of the Greatest Wonders of the Ancient World – the Pyramids of Giza.

Take a tour around Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

17th May – RLS has arrived in Petra!

Wow, it’s been hard slog today, through some hot and sparse terrain (!) but we have reached the “Rose City” of Petra in Jordan!

From Athens, it didn’t take us long to get to Istanbul, then the afternoon was spent cycling/running/walking through Turkey, through Syria and into Jordan by early evening, past the capital Amman, and down to Petra – a 2,000 civilisation hand-built into the rose-coloured stone – you may recognise it from a famous movie….

> Recognise this famous movie scene

> A video tour of Petra from National Geographic: 

> And for a little look around outside of Petra, check out these 10 “most Instragrammable” places in Jordan for a flavour.

16th May – RLS has arrived in Rome!

After a sunny day and lots of miles under our belts, we have reached Rome! By mid-morning we had left France and were heading towards the Alpes of Switzerland and Italy! We had headed past Milan after lunchtime, and on our way south to Rome by early evening…great work everyone! Buona Sera Roma!

Want to know a bit more about life in Rome while we’re here?

See life as a Gladiator in this VR Experience of the Colosseum in Ancient Rome.

Hear about the dream of owning your own Gelateria (Italian Ice Cream Shop).

Get your taste buds dreaming of the 10 best foods to try in Rome.

16th May – Petit Dejeuner in Lyon and then we’re off!

After some evening cycles and runs on the 15th, RLS woke up in Lyon – France’s 3rd largest city, which was once the capital of Gaule (France) for 300 years! The home of film-making (the Lumiere brothers invented film-making here) and a gastronomic centre with over 20 Michelin-star restaurants – which one would you choose?. Enjoy a croissant for breakfast, enjoy this video tour and then get those trainers on and let’s get to Italy!

15th May – Evening Update: RLS Arrives in Paris

After a brilliant day with more and more students, staff, parents/siblings and alumni joining in with the Challenge, we raced past London by mid-morning, had crossed the Channel by lunchtime, and were sauntering along the Champs-Elysees by early evening. A GREAT first day! Let’s keep the momentum going as we head through France towards Italy over the weekend…

But while we are in Paris…

> Check out these teenagers playing dares in front of Notre Dame Cathedral and practice your french verbs at the same time!

> Take a Tour of Le Louvre – Napoleon’s Treasure Chest?

> Make a Croque Madame with Little Paris Kitchen

Friday 15th May: Launch Day!

We saw cyclists and runners and walkers up early doors and had clocked various kms before breakfast!! Out of Buckingham, past Winslow, and London-bound. With over 200 of fabulous supporters signed up already and the sun shining, we had a feeling it was going to be a brilliant day!

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