Fundraising Update: 21st April 2021

We have reached an incredibly difficult stage of the project - sharing the challenge is our best hope

The final £220k

07/05/21: Donations are still coming in but have slowed down, and we need to find a new boost! Could you help with fundraising, or helping us find Corporate Partners? We’re at a really difficult stage, so close yet so far. 

With still £107k to go – can you help?

“Lots of us doing a little of what we can, week by week, is making a huge collective impact on our target.  It’s fantastic, and humbling, and deeply appreciated. Sharing the challenge between us is our best hope.”

Jo Ballantine

An update on the Campaign from our Director of Development, Jo Ballantine

Thanks to the overwhelming response to our urgent appeal, we now have just £115,000 left to raise, and we’re so very close to our Sports Campus dream now. It is, though, a difficult stage, because so many of you have already done so much, and others are just plain tired of hearing about fundraising! We know from the closing stages of the Discovery Centre project that there is a temptation to assume that the rest of the money will just magically appear from somewhere. Sadly, it won’t! So, we simply have to keep politely asking and energetically fundraising, day in, day out, until we reach the target. 

This is special

It is worth restating just how special the Sports Campus will be. Like the Discovery Centre, the Sports Campus will offer inspiration and opportunities rarely provided in UK state schools. Even more importantly, it will be vital in helping rebuild student resilience, health and wellbeing. Over the last five years, this small and brilliant school community has raised £2.9m to make this happen. That’s also really special! It’s a phenomenal achievement, and testament to how much we all believe that the physical and mental health of our young people plays an essential part in enabling them to fulfill their potential. 

Individual action, collective impact

Lots of us doing a little of what we can, week by week, is making a huge collective impact on our target. In fact, I can’t remember a time when we’ve had so many people donating and fundraising. It’s fantastic, and humbling, and deeply appreciated. Sharing the challenge between us is our best hope.

Bright idea?

We’re exploring every avenue we can think of – but there may be fundraising opportunities that we just haven’t considered yet, so if you can think of anything that could help, please do tell us. No idea is too small or too crazy at this stage!  

Help out this term by:

  • Joining one of our sponsored challenges (Yorkshire 3 Peaks, or the Virtual London 10k), or come up with your own idea. If you don’t fancy a challenge yourself, think of someone who might, and persuade them to sign up instead!
  • Introducing us – we want to offer 10 local businesses the opportunity to become a £1k sponsor of the pitch, with great networking and PR benefits. If you know a community-minded business which could be a good fit, or you can talk to your employer about becoming a sponsor, please let us know.
  • Fundraising – in any way you like! Garage sale, garden party for six, virtual quiz night . . . there are lots of simple things you can do to raise money and we’re always here to help. Every £ counts, so if you think you can raise even £20 or £50 by doing something then please have a go!


If you are a parent at the school, anything you raise can support your child’s form to complete their Race to 600 challenge. If you’re an Old Latin, you can also help out a form by topping up or match funding their Race to 600 target – we’d love each form to have an alumni ambassador to help them reach or smash their goal!



Finally, a heartfelt thank you. We wouldn’t have got this far without your generosity, enthusiasm and understanding! Please feel free to get in touch with me any time if you’d like to discuss the campaign, check on latest progress, share an idea, or ask a question. And of course, you can donate anytime. In the meantime, very best wishes to you and your family as we continue to ease out of lockdown and look forward to a much better summer.

Jo Ballantine

Director of Development

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