Brilliant news . . . the amazing London Marathon Charitable Trust has announced that it will be donating £150,000 to the Sports Campus! The money will pay for the fit out of an accessible, welcoming and vibrant Fitness Suite at the heart of the new sports building, which will benefit every single person in school as well as community groups. 

David Hudson commented:

“We are extremely grateful to the London Marathon Trust for their significant contribution towards our Sports Campus. We believe passionately that it’s time to take an innovative approach to using physical activity to help young people overcome physical and mental health challenges, and we are simply delighted that the Trust is supporting our plans so wholeheartedly.”

Work is due to start on the Sports Campus next term – watch this space for further announcements soon! Meanwhile you can read the full list of grants awarded by the Trust on this link:…/new-grants-totalling-almost-17-m…/

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