This year, the school is proud to announce that the annual drama production is Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is certainly a classic full of magic and excitement, and the production team are hoping to bring youth into it yet maintain the authenticity of the original. Around 100 students auditioned with a monologue and a song from the play. Many students are participating in the straight play of ‘ Saving Mr Banks ‘ and the main production which will surely be a showstopper. It is already looking ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’ Obviously a ‘spoonful of sugar’ goes a long way. At the moment, rehearsals are taking place after school to make sure that it will be exceptional. Miss Stevens, the new Head of Drama, believes that the cast have made a great start. In fact Harry Woods, the student director has said, “All students are exceeding my expectations with their creative skills and contributions to the play during rehearsals. I am truly impressed.”

A participating student informed me that, “ Auditions were a great experience. Everyone went in trembling with anxiety and came out with big smiles spread across their faces. I was auditioning penultimately and the pressure was on but here I am now!” He also mentioned that “The rehearsals were manic. However, they were extremely productive. All of the choreography is very well practised in the time we have had so far throughout the process. The production is really impressive! Everyone has been enthusiastic. All in all, everyone has been working extremely hard and it will definitely pay off!”

The Royal Latin School is proud to present Flo McKee in Year 13 as Mary Poppins. She explained in a recent interview some of the highlights. “I would say that the best part is the teamwork – it’s great to have fun and work with everyone else. The whole cast is so wonderful and talented; I love seeing everyone working hard and improving each week. The crew are coming up with some extraordinary ideas and it’s all starting to come together!”

The cast consist of a number of different groups throughout the school; a true representation of all the talent the school has to offer. The cast derives from various year groups from Year 8 all the way to Year 13. It is both teacher and student-driven in order to give students creative freedom and help their learning flourish. Some vital jobs within the play have been given to Harry Woods who is the wonderful Student Director and Emily Taylor who is the talented Stage Manager.

The format of the production goes as follows: the music has kindly been provided from the music department, the backstory- inspired by the emotional and moving ‘Saving Mr Banks’, the interval and then the miraculous Mary Poppins production. It will be ‘practically perfect in every way!”

For more information, please contact Miss Stevens : or the school at 01280 813065


  • 30th Nov- 7pm  
  • 1st Dec matinee-2pm and 7pm

Written by Holly Fernandes 8S

Edited by Maddie Brown 6B3 

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