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Advice and support for Parents

We are often sent information and useful contacts for parents and carers that can help to support you and your children when navigating some common teenage issues.  All the resources on this page have been found to be helpful to parents in different ways. This page is frequently updated as new resources are released, so do check back here regularly for the latest information and advice. Please remember that if you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing at school, you should not hesitate to contact their Form Tutor or Head of Year in the first instance. Counsellors are in school three days a week and we can also give you contact details of other professionals that can support you and your child outside school.

For any other concerns about wellbeing or safeguarding please contact one of the school’s two safeguarding leads:

If an issue which concerns you is not covered here, do get in contact with me directly and I will source some information on it for you, and add it to the page.

Marcella McCarthy
Deputy Headteacher


Advice about dealing with anxiety

A Guide for Students – Coping with Exam Pressure 

Supporting your child with exam stress


Bullying and cyber-bullying

Catfishing–a brief guide

CEOPS–the police online safety centre; for reporting dangerous online behaviour

How can your child deal with in-game bullying?

Risks children face online (cyberbullying)

Understanding Online Shaming

Concerns about drugs

Switch Bucks –drugs and alcohol support for parents and teenagers

Students and Alcohol – advice for parents

Drug Awareness

Legal Highs

E-cigarettes and Vaping

Laughing Gas


Eating disorders

Understanding Anorexia

Bulimia Nervosa

Treatment for your child’s eating disorder

Talking to your child about an eating disorder

The dangers of pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia sites

When negative body image becomes a mental health condition


Worries about sexual or gender identity

Five things you can do if your child comes out as LGBT

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Queer (LGBTQ)

LGBT – new website for Buckinghamshire residents


Mental Health:

Self Help Apps

MindEd – mental health information and support for families

Tackling stigma about mental health for young people

Young Minds



What to do if your child is self harming

You are not alone: advice from the Royal College of Physicians

Boys and Self Harm


Social Media



Setting Safety and Privacy Settings for Social Media Apps

Monitoring Apps

Three apps parents should know about


Online safety

E-safety support for parents

E-safety factsheet for Parents and Professionals

Cyber Scams – Thames Valley Police have informed us of The Little Book of Cyber Scams which is a general guide to many of the scams currently operating in the UK

Video games guide

E-Safety and Cyber-enabled Crime

Keeping your child safe online (a parent checklist)

Phishing Online

Risks children face online (accessing inappropriate websites)

Risks children face online (online grooming)

What are parental controls and how can they help children stay safe online?

What can make young people vulnerable online?

Grand Theft Auto–a parents’ guide

How to start a conversation with your child about online safety

Parenting Support

National child abuse campaign

New Parenting Courses Available

NSPCC Net Aware Site for Parents and Carers –

Three top tips for building your child’s online resilience

Are you concerned about extremism or radicalisation?

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