Written by: Riana Gogu (Year 7)
Photographs by: Mr Verbeek
On Thursday 20th June, 2 other students and I travelled to Oxford to participate in the Oxford Region STEM Spelling Bee competition. Our day began by taking a Park & Ride bus into the centre of Oxford, leading us to our first destination, which was the National History Museum. Looking around all at all the historical artefacts in the museum was an enjoyable experience which we learnt a lot from. After the museum, we set off towards Oxford University where the spelling bee competition took place. 

The competition started with a welcoming speech from the judicator which led into a tour of the brand new chemistry training labs, which was a once in a lifetime experience. Then the spelling bee properly started which was relieving because we had waited all afternoon in anticipation. All the candidates had prepared well, but we managed to win and become regional champions after a long, but fun day.

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