Introducing: The Scientific Latin

Written by Mia Golosino (Year 8)

The Scientific Latin is a phenomenal website created by Mr Verbeek, me and my incredible peers who make up a brilliant team of students interested in the wonders of science. Each issue of our website will have a different theme – the first one is all about plastic pollution. It is very timely after the impactful climate change and global warming strike! If you’re interested in this topic or a diligent Green Touch member, I advise that you check out our website for inspiration and insightful tips on keeping our environment safe.

But that’s not all we’ve got in store for you! We have written plenty of intriguing articles for all three sciences, the lives of famous scientists like Marie Curie and linked some sensational websites if you want to extend your scientific knowledge like we do.

If evolution is something you’re interested in, then you should hopefully be charmed by the Scientific Latin as we will keep changing it to captivate as many students as possible. You never know, evolution could be one of our topics for the future! But for now I should inform you that our next issue will be focused on medicine. If your career path is starting to wind towards being a doctor, nurse or any other medicinal profession, then our second issue is the one for you! You could even read the chemistry and biology sections in our first issue.  

We hope you enjoy the first issue and keep coming back for more! If you are interested to become part of the team, or if you have got any other questions, please email to or speak to Mr Verbeek.

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