Written by: Mia Golosino (Year 8)
Edited by: Arya Ali (Year 12)

The Luffield Festival is an annual event where schools have come together to produce a spectacular presentation for parents, friends and family. This year students were selected and volunteered to participate in the arts that Stowe school had to offer – Drama, Dance, Band/Orchestra, Choir, Photography and Creative Writing.

The event ran on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th. The first day was spent introducing the topic (The Environment), getting to know students from different schools and planning the final presentation that took place the next day.

Working with new people in such a beautiful venue was an incredibly breathtaking experience, especially with the topic as The Environment as it is so current and moving. The picturesque view in Stowe provided scenic and relaxing breaks as students ate and strolled around the site. The breaks were well deserved as we all worked hard to produce our artistic pieces to the best of our abilities.

After getting straight to work for hours to perfect our dances, drama presentations, songs, photographs and writing pieces we had dinner at Stowe’s brilliant dining facilities. It was fun to socialise with new friends that we made through the last couple of days. 

When the time to present our work, there were mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. The doors were opened to eye-catching boards set up by the Creative Writing and Photography students, which were filled with photographs, poems, reports, short stories and speeches. There was a lot of effort put in, such as the photographers’ tinted lights to enhance the viewing experience and creative writers talking through our fascinating thought processes. As writers, we created pieces from our compilation of environment related ideas. The photographs taken provided an aesthetic angle on the hidden beauties lying within the environment.

Already impressed by the opening showcase, the audience were split into two to watch the musical and theatrical performances which were performed twice after the swapover. The orchestra played with brilliant rhythm and dynamics, showcasing their jaw-dropping musical talent with violins, trumpets, a piano, cello and percussion. The singers sang a cover of the recently published song “Earth”  by ‘Lil Dicky, “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontas and a song about using canvas instead of plastic bags.

The dancers, actresses and actors linked their performances together with a smooth transition from acting to dancing. The drama piece portrayed the story of fighting the use of plastic as the dancers came in draped in coloured plastic-like veils to show the reality of fighting against plastic to save the earth.

The Royal Latin School would like to thank all the members of staff who made Luffield Festival such a success!

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