Written by: Mark Beecher and Taylor Forbes (Year 10)
Edited by:  Ayra Ali (Year 12)
Photography by: Mark Beecher (Year 10

On 5th April, the Year 10 graphics and art trip to France travelled to Paris to experience the full beauty of the architecture and wonder of the galleries. Some of the most exciting visits included the Musée de Picasso, the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre. To experience the city draped in light, we also took a river cruise along the River Seine which was beautiful.


Once we had checked in, we walked to the Pompidou Centre, named after Georges Pompidou ( ex-French president). Built in the 1970s, it demonstrated a more modern architectural style, which revolved around having a ‘zero-clutter’ space. This included placing pipes and air conditioning vents on the outside of the building to allow maximum interior space. This makes it appear ‘under construction’, as it doesn’t have the clean exterior finish many architects aim to design. In fact, there is an extreme level of planning involved, because each pipe, cable and vent is colour coded to show its purpose. This, therefore, creates a colourful exterior which offers a much-needed break from the typical Parisian style that can be seen everywhere else as you walk along the streets.

Inside the building, there is a vast mix of art, which all fits in with the modern style of the building. This includes clever illusions and abstract works of art, some of which make use of the world around us.


Following an earlier breakfast, we took a short metro ride to the Musée d’Orsay. Originally a railway station, it contains works of art by Van Gogh and impressionist pieces as well as other mediums including statues and furniture.

After lunch, we took a walk along the river to Notre Dame to do some sketching.

After a trip to Flunch we meandered along the river to near the base of the Eiffel Tower to begin our cruise along the River Seine. Once the boat departed, we went under various bridges as well as passing Notre Dame and other important French landmarks. It offered a unique perspective of Paris from the river.

On our return to the ferry pier, we took the Metro back to Gare du Nord station which took us nearby the hostel.


The next morning we took a trip to the Picasso museum, which was located within his former house. As it was near the anniversary of Picasso’s death, it seemed important to remember the works of such an influential artist. He had the remarkable ability to strip something back to its core elements, and one of the pieces reflected this more than most. The piece showed each of the stages as he refined his drawings.

Later on, we took a visit to the Louvre. This was the last gallery which we travelled to and contained art of all different styles as well as, most notably, the Mona Lisa. Although not all groups decided to factor in time to see this piece in particular, our group did because it is such a renowned piece of art which not everyone gets the opportunity to see.

By this point it was almost time for us to get the Eurostar back to Milton Keynes, so we worked our way back via the Metro to Gare du Nord station.


We’d just like to thank Mrs Fricker, Miss Gowlett and Mr Woodward on behalf of everyone who went and for the world of art to which they opened our eyes. Hopefully this trip will continue in future years to enlighten further art and graphics students.

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