Our outstanding curriculum has an overarching aim to develop the skills and qualities necessary to enable all students to be happy and achieve their academic and personal potential. This philosophy is based around the five areas of LATIN Learning: Leadership, Aspiration, Teamwork, Innovation, Nurturing.

Royal Latin School Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

Key Stage Curriculum Outlines
We have put this curriculum information together to help you get a feel for what our students will be studying during each key stage. We hope you will find this information useful. Please note these are working documents to be used as a guide.

Select the relevant key stage from the list below to access the curriculum outlines:

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8)

Key Stage 4 (Year 9 – 11)

Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13)

Key Stage 3 and 4 Philosophy & Religion

Termly Assessment Reports
Our students receive progress reports each term. Please select the relevant year group from the list below to access supporting information for these reports.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

Our Electives programme provides an exciting opportunity for students to go beyond the traditional timetable to explore learning experiences they would not necessarily experience within the core curriculum. The programme runs from Year 7 to Year 12 (Weds p4 Year 12, p5 Year 7-11) with each activity being delivered over approximately a term (this means that students are able to do up to three different electives over the course of the year). Years 7 and 11 rotate through a carousel of activities and in Year 8 to Year 10 electives are delivered ‘vertically’ (i.e. in mixed age groups).

Electives 2021-2022 (Parents)
Electives 2021-2022 (Students)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) and Fundamental British Values (FBV)


Religious Character
The Royal Latin School was founded in 1423 in the St John the Baptist Chantry Chapel in Buckingham.  Since then the school has maintained its link with its Christian foundation by liaising with the parish church of St Peter and St Paul, particularly through students, staff, parents and governors participating in and attending events such as the Founders’ Day Service and the annual Carol Concert in the church.  One of the school’s community governors is drawn from the St Peter and St Paul’s community.

The school follows the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (BASRE) based on the advice given by the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education.  The Governing Body of the Royal Latin School follows guidance from the Department for Education and reflects its own heritage in giving due prominence to Christianity to reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian;  we also ensure that we take account of the principal world faiths, local communities and non-religious worldviews* that form the family background of many of our students.

The school contains students from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs and our ethos is based on developing a sense of community and belonging which reflects this diversity.

*    “A worldview is a person’s way of understanding, experiencing, and responding to the world. It can be described as a philosophy of life or an approach to life. This includes how a person understands the nature of reality and their own place in the world. A person’s worldview is likely to influence and be influenced by their beliefs, values, behaviours, experiences, identities and commitments.” (BASRE, 2022-27, page 4).

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Congratulations to all of the students participating at District Sports. RLS Champions once again. So impressive. Thank you also to all of the PE staff for supporting our students @RLSsport @TheRoyalLatin TheRoyalLatin photo
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Piano grade exam results just in, including merits and distinctions, for: Akhil, Alexander, Coco, Euan, Giulia, Imogen, Isabel and Tonia. Congratulations all, and credit to their teachers: Ms Moisey and Mr Byron @TheRoyalLatin TheRoyalLatin photo

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Important announcement

Due to the recent updated red warning, Royal Latin School will be closed today. This is also after advice from Buckinghamshire Council. Learning from home guidance for staff, parents and students can be found here.