Student Leadership Team

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy: Ronald Dadey
Head Girl: Olivia Turner-Robson
Deputy Head Boy: Jack Exelby
Deputy Head Girl: Iris-Mae Morse

Head Boy

I’m Ronald Dadey, and I’m honoured to be the Head Boy of the Royal Latin School for the next year. I currently take Economics, English Literature, History and Philosophy and I aspire to study Law at university, hoping to become a corporate solicitor in the following years.

Despite my short time at the school, I have come to know it as my new home and have settled quickly making many friends. Being surrounded by equally ambitious peers allows me to continue to push myself and strive to do as well as I can. Both the students and staff have been incredibly supportive in making me feel at home and also in helping my academic improvement.

My extra-curricular activities include representing the school as a member of the school football team, and, despite our short cup run, playing helped me make new friends both in my year and the year above and also increased my confidence as a member of the school.

Upon applying to the school, I wrote about my hopes to give back to the school if I was fortunate enough to get a place. I feel being Head Boy will allow me to fulfil this promise and I look forward to working with the Student Leadership Team to further improve every aspect of our school. In particular I would like to increase interactions between younger and older students in order to strengthen the school community.

Head Girl

I’m Liv Turner-Robson and I’m honoured to represent the Royal Latin School as the Head Girl. I joined the school in year seven and since then I feel I have developed both my confidence and academic potential, due to the vast range of opportunities the Latin has to offer.

I am currently studying A-levels in Philosophy, Psychology and English Literature and I hope to study Psychology at University as it is a subject that I am truly passionate about.

Since I joined the school, I have been astounded by the care provided by our teachers both in and out of lessons. The Latin helps to provide both an academically and socially stimulating environment for students to progress in achieving the best grades they can, whilst forming lifelong friendships. The teachers help to challenge students and nurture talents as well as be available and approachable to talk about anything that a student wishes to, which is something that I will be forever thankful to have had during my school life. Additionally, a team of sixth formers form our peer listening team who are trained by our school counsellor, and these students enjoy visiting the forms of our younger students in which they play games, plan assemblies as well as be a figure that any of these students could come and talk to, should they need to. I believe that this is a fantastic service and it is one of many that the Royal Latin has to offer.

I feel very excited to be taking on this role and I hope to achieve fantastic things for the Royal Latin as well as be a representative for our school in the wider community.

Deputy Head Boy

I’m Jack Exelby and I’m proud to say I am Deputy Head Boy of the Royal Latin, a school which has supported me since I joined in Year 7 six years ago. Throughout my time here I’ve been offered an array of opportunities that have helped shape the person I am today and I’m very thankful to have been given the opportunity to give something back to the school with a position on the Student Leadership Team.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths and have a great support system within these subjects to help me reach my academic potential; however the school also offers a lot more opportunities outside of the classroom. Sport has always been a big part of my life and I’ve had the chance to represent the school in an array of sports including  football and rugby. Promoting the value of sport and the importance of a healthy active lifestyle is being encouraged by the Royal Latin, underlined by the next phase of the 600 Campaign which will see the development of new sports facility which will include a new all-weather pitch, new changing rooms and a fitness suite. Outside of sport, the school provides numerous extra-curricular opportunities providing a fantastic platform to allow students from Year 7 to Sixth form to participate in new and exciting activities. Personally I’m working towards raising money for an expedition to Nicaragua this summer, just one of the many opportunities Royal Latin students can benefit from.

Ever since I’ve been a student at the Royal Latin I’ve always felt welcome and valued within my peer group and from the wonderful staff. It’s truly been an experience I’ll never forget.

Deputy Head Girl

I’m Iris-Mae Morse, and I am delighted to be the new Deputy Head Girl at the Royal Latin School. My time here so far although somewhat short, has proved significant in shaping my outlook and aspirations. Admittedly, adjusting to a new environment was a challenge at first, but I soon found myself at home amongst like-minded students. I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A-Level, and believe that I am well placed to mention the impact that facilities such as the ‘Discovery Centre’ have had on our opportunities and achievements. Additionally, the lectures held in our ‘Lillingstone Trust’ community laboratory encourage us as students to delve deeper into our chosen subjects, and this belief in academic curiosity is further instilled in us by teachers and peers. Our year group have been fortunate enough to see in the re-opening of our sixth-form centre, Rotherfield, after its recent renovation. Rotherfield provides us with a space to study and socialise, and the ability to determine our own individual work-life balances. I aim to study Medicine at university, and value being able to manage my own schedule, as well as having the time to explore my interests. In the coming months, I hope to work with our team to further extend the reach of the school’s impact on its students and the wider community.


House Captains

Barton: Issy Daymond and Alisha Sharma
Denton: Daisy Daymond and Rochit Shelkikar
Newton: Khusi Verma  and Lakshmi Suresh
Ruding: Ben Murrell and Gargi Sharma
Stratton: Thomas Scott and Erin Deeley
Verney: Dhara Bhikha and Rhea Khosla

Year Captains

Y7:  Kia Blackburn 
Y8:  Amy Bowden
Y9:  Carina Chan
Y10: Kate Hall 
Y11: Divya Ragupathy

Student Support

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16th January 2019
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