Student Leadership Team

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy:  Bertie Buckle
Head Girl:  Chloe Marlow
Deputy Head Boy: Temi Aruofor
Deputy Head Girl:  Despoina Giannakaki

Head Boy – Bertie Buckle

Hello, I’m Bertie and I am humbled to be this year’s Head Boy. I am studying Chemistry, Physics and Maths with the hope of reading Physics at university. I am an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy spending my spare time sailing, enjoying archery and walking alpacas along with my dog. I love being outdoors in nature and enjoy helping to preserve our environment, something I would like to take further in my role as Head Boy. 

I am immensely proud to be a part of the Royal Latin. I have signed up for (and enjoyed taking part in) as many school productions, music performances, and other school events as humanly possible. These amazing experiences shaped me into the person I am today. Currently, I am aiming for musical grades in singing, piano, and also enjoy playing guitar. Being passionate about mental health, I sincerely want to give back, and bring more opportunities to students to improve their confidence and find their own enthusiasms.

My greatest love is helping others, believing in the difference simple kindness can make. I also enjoy taking part in Green Touch, volunteering at school and at a local environmental initiative (as part of my Gold DofE), and spending time with the wonderful 7V as one of their peer listeners.

Head Girl – Chloe Marlow

I’m Chloe, and I’m absolutely overjoyed to be the Head Girl of the Royal Latin School this year. I’m currently studying English Literature, History and Art, and am aiming to study Law at university, with the goal to eventually be a barrister. 

During my time at the Latin so far, I have been an enthusiastic competitor in school events such as House Music and Drama. You may recognise me as Henry VIII, Mufasa from the Lion King or the girl who played the saxophone, and wore a sparkly skirt during ‘Shine’ by Take That. As well as this, I have also taken great advantage of our incredible sporting opportunities, including Hockey and a short-lived Handball season. 

Outside of school, when I’m not attending concerts, or watching movies, I take great pride in my baking company, in which I am commissioned to create cakes for birthdays and weddings. I hope that my attention to detail as well as strong commitment to creativity will allow me to bring a new perspective into this historic role. I have ambitious plans to connect our school even further with the wider community, and cannot wait to get started!

Deputy Head Boy – Temi Aruofor

I’m Temi and I am excited to be the new Deputy Head Boy of the Royal Latin School. I study Maths, Physics and Economics, with the hope of going on to study economics at university. 

Outside of school, I love playing football and going to the gym with friends (although sometimes, this can feel more like a chore than something I do for fun). I also enjoy playing for the school football team and look forward to us experiencing more success next year.

I’ve truly had a great time so far at our school and am now excited to do my best in order to give back to our school to the best of my ability. I am a strong believer in the importance of establishing an effective stream of communication flowing from older students to their younger counterparts; knowing that my fellow members of the new student leadership team also acknowledge the importance of this, I look forward to working with them in order to do our best of integrating our ideas into the great structure that is the Royal Latin School.

Deputy Head Girl – Despoina Giannakaki

I’m Despoina and I’m incredibly honoured to be the Deputy Head Girl at Royal Latin School. I study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and I hope to either study medicine or neuroscience in university. 

Outside of school, I have a great passion for sport, mainly swimming, and I tend to do sponsored swims to raise money for charity. Travelling is also something I love and something I hope to do a lot more of in the future! I’m Greek so I regularly travel to Greece to see my family and I hope to explore more of Europe and Asia in my university years.

Even though I only recently joined Royal Latin in year 12, I already admire the community links that the school upkeeps. I’m particularly looking forward to going to Stocklake Park and seeing everybody dressed up festively! 

Being part of the student leadership team is such a privilege and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity: I intend to make the most of it. Please feel free to reach out to anyone of us with any questions. I’m looking forward to working with my team! 

House Captains

Barton:  Eve Kearney and Hugo Scudamore
Denton:  Caitlin Barclay and Oliver Shovlin Deputy: Dmytro Syzonenko
Newton:  Amy Jarrett and Freddie Beckett
Ruding:  Ashley Cahigu and Ben Summers-Gurr Deputy: Luke Warren
Stratton:  Shanalya Chotai and Aimee Logan Deputy: Darina Vieceli Fitch
Verney: Maddie Croucher, Katie Crowther and Floss Syme

Key Stage Captains

KS3 – Yasmine Hemchi
KS4 – Jenny Martin

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