Student Leadership Team

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy:  Miles Hermon
Head Girl: Precious Oyekanmi
Deputy Head Boy: Ben Hope
Deputy Head Girl:  Maria Watson

Head Boy – Miles Hermon

I’m doing maths, further maths, physics and chemistry for A level.  I’m enjoying studying them thanks to the more collaborative teaching style in the Sixth Form. The structure of the Sixth Form itself, with independent study and supervised study, allows for more freedom in the work we do. Maths has always been my best subject and I want to discover how all of the complex numerical methods can be used in the real world. As a result, I have decided to do engineering at University.

One of the main contributors to students’ success at the school in my opinion are the extensive help sessions and subject mentors available to everyone. I am currently a physics mentor, and have been to help sessions in the past for various subjects, so I know first-hand how useful these resources are. I would like, ready for next year’s exam season, to see even more people getting involved in these schemes. It could be more Year 12s becoming mentors or more students from all years coming along to the help sessions.

Head Girl – Precious Oyekanmi

I’m currently studying mathematics, chemistry and economics. The widened subject knowledge on all three of my subjects has been challenging but also extremely interesting. A-levels specifically grasped my love for economics, especially the moral and political side to economics. After hours of research into a subject that would suit me at university, I decided that Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) is the course I would like to apply for. The reason I’ve chosen PPE is because I know that it is a course that will not only further my learning but it is also a course that I will thoroughly enjoy.

The thought of preparing for university for most of us is quite a stressful experience. The immense support that the school give us in early preparation for university reduced the pressure on us. Sessions are run every fortnight for many students like myself that aspire to go to Oxbridge or other Russell group universities. A similar version is run every week for aspiring Medicine or Biomedical students. During these sessions, we practice techniques for personal statements, interview questions and we are given advice for super-curricular research into our chosen subject. I not only enjoy going to this activity but it has also helped me to be passionate about the subject I love.

Deputy Head Boy – Ben Hope

I am currently studying chemistry, maths and physics and I hope to study engineering at university. I enjoy how logical the subjects are, and how they can be translated into real life situations. The excellent thing about the Latin is how committed the departments are to the individual success of every student, and how they provide a surplus of support through help-sessions, mentoring, booster sessions and more.

My real passion, however, is for sport and in particular athletics. I am certain that the 600 Campaign will help us to recreate sporting successes of the past- while also creating new opportunities for the future and nurturing emerging talents. I aim to use these amazing possibilities to encourage a sporting ethos throughout the school and educate students about the importance of sport to enhance both physical and mental health.

Deputy Head Girl-Maria Watson

Currently I am studying English, Spanish and Psychology at A-level. I have always been someone interested in languages and different cultures but also literature and how people think, so therefore am lucky to have subjects so well suited to me. Due to smaller class sizes and the layout of the RLS sixth form, as a student I have really been able to engage in lessons, delve deeper into my subjects and explore beyond the curriculum. As a result, I have become increasingly passionate about Psychology and have even taken a course in applied behaviour analysis therapy. At University I am thinking of doing Politics and Anthropology at The University of Edinburgh and hope to be a journalist some day in the future.

As well as my lessons, I very much enjoy the other opportunities the Latin gives its students, especially those involving the arts. This year I went with my English class to see Henry IV Part One at the Globe Theatre and it was truly an unforgettable experience.  Ever since year 7 I have enjoyed drama and performing so when it is enrichment day I jump at the opportunity to be involved in the House Drama competition. However this year was the first year I took a step back, and directed my House’s performance instead of being in it. I found the experience to be extremely enjoyable and as Deputy Head Girl, I would like to encourage even more 6th Form students to lead groups/clubs for younger students.


House Captains

Barton: Archie Fisher and Sam Hens
Denton: Anna Conquest and Alice Usher
Newton: Isabella Garo and Sam Robertson
Ruding: Sophia Smith and Will Tomlin-Davies
Stratton: Maxine Jones and Natalie Markova
Verney: Tanay Bhattiprolu and Oliver Evans

Year Captains

Y7:  Kia Blackburn 
Y8:  Amy Bowden
Y9:  Carina Chan
Y10: Kate Hall 
Y11: Divya Ragupathy

Student Support

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