Student Leadership Team

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy:  Adeoluwa Bademosi
Head Girl:  Esther Evans
Deputy Head Boy: Fiifi Clarke
Deputy Head Girl:  Evie McKenzie

Head Boy – Adeoluwa Bademosi

My name is Ade and I’m honoured to be the Head Boy of the Royal Latin School. I study Maths, Economics, and Business, with the hope of studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at university next year. My time at the school has been both rewarding and challenging. I’m grateful for all the support and advice I have received up until this point, which has allowed me to realise and strive towards my potential, not just in education but also as a young adult. I see this role as an opportunity to give back to the school which has provided me with so much. I am very passionate about diversity and inclusion, and being a part of the Senior Student Leadership Team, gives me the opportunity to develop and nurture a caring and supportive environment within the school. As an avid sportsman, I also want to promote the use of our new Sports Campus. I’m excited to work with the rest of the team to enrich and improve the lives of all students at the school. Outside of school if I’m not mourning Arsenal’s title hopes I will be strumming away on my guitar or playing football with my team.  

Head Girl – Esther Evans

Hello, my name is Esther and I’m really proud to be the Head Girl of The Royal Latin School. I study Maths, Physics, Further maths and Spanish (it’s safe to say I like maths a bit too much.) I’m looking to go on and study general engineering at university in order to enter the engineering industry where I hope I will be able to make a difference and have an impact on other people’s lives. These are also some of my main motivations for applying for a Student Leadership Team role; I wish to have a worthwhile impact on other students and help them to have as much of a positive and really enjoyable experience as I have had since the start of year seven here. 

Outside of school I am a keen footballer and cyclist, and I have a very unique hobby of taking old watches to pieces and creating art out of them, so I’m looking forward to bringing my teamwork and creativity to working alongside the amazing team we have this year. I am confident that we can definitely bring new ideas and innovations to the school whilst increasing the profile of these roles throughout RLS and I can’t wait to do so!


Deputy Head Boy – Fiifi Clarke

My name is Fiifi and I’m very honoured to be Deputy Head Boy at RLS. The A levels I study are maths, further maths, physics and music and I hope to study either computer science or mechanical engineering at university and then taking on a role in software engineering or in the automotive industry. I’m very passionate about sports like cycling, swimming, sprinting and computing and they’ve become a very prominent aspect of my daily life.  Being part of this team, with the support of the other wonderful members of the StLT, is my way of giving back to the school, incredible staff and fellow students I’ve had the pleasure of working beside. It’s also my way of giving suggestions, making changes for the better and leaving the school knowing that I’ve done something that will benefit the RLS experience of younger students both socially and academically. As a person who is passionate about sport, I am excited for the new sports facilities that will be fully built very soon and I am very excited to be able to introduce the equipment to students and to see the benefits that it’ll provide our sports education. I also hope to implement a mentoring scheme across all major subjects. Finally, I’ve made many unforgettable memories since I joined in Year 7 and I’m eager to ensure that the memories of younger students are even better than my own.


Deputy Head Girl – Evie McKenzie

Hello, my name is Evie and I’m honoured to be Deputy Head Girl at the Royal Latin School. I study Physics, Geography and Business Studies and thoroughly enjoy each of them. After taking part in conservation trips and teaching English around the world, I am hoping to study International Business or something similar, at university.  In my spare time, I love to volunteer with local children’s groups such as cubs and scouts, and I am a dedicated dancer taking part in shows and performances throughout the year. The Royal Latin School has given me so much in terms of support, opportunity and guidance, so I wanted to give back to it by joining the Senior Student Leadership Team and leaving a legacy I can be proud of.  I recognise the importance of ensuring each and every student passing through this school community feels heard and valued; as a result I am extremely passionate about educating younger years on topics such as mental health which have become more of an issue over the past year due to the pandemic.  I am so excited to work with the rest of the team and I can’t wait to see the changes that spark as a result of the team’s work.


House Captains

Barton:  Lewis Mulholland and Shanaaya Mayekar
Denton: Louisa Mukherjee and Rohan Vinod
Newton:  Oscar Regan and Yeshwanth Patil
Ruding:  Elsie Cobb and Matthew Jones
Stratton: Holly Hayward and Grace Coney
Verney: Molly Gribben and Alice Gabriel

Year Captains

Y7: Maddie Thomas and Shreya Mokkapati
Y8: Imogen Larkin
Y9: Zoe Beach 
Y10:  tbc
Y11:  Shruti Kada

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