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Rules and Regulations


University Aptitude Tests

Any student wishing to take a University Aptitiude Tests will need to complete the form that has been sent to them.

The deadline for this form is midday on Monday 20th September 2021 

Summer 2021 – A level and GCSE awards

Ofqual has now confirmed how A levels and GCSEs will be awarded this summer.  Ofqual’s infographic can be viewed by following this link.

Special Consideration form

If your child has extenuating circumstances, and you wish them to be taken into consideration for the calculation of Centre Assessed Grades, you will need to complete this form

Appeals 2021

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Private Candidates – Summer 2022

The Exams Office will be in contact with Private Candidates by the end of March with regards to any assessments which need to be undertaken in order to support teacher grades for awarding A levels this summer.

Policy for Process for Private Candidate


In order to minimise the number of people on the school site during the Covid 19 lifting of lockdown we ask that you do not come into school to collect exam certificates at the current time.

If you are unable to collect in person you will need to complete a third party collection form which has been sent along with the letter or can be printed from the link below. 

Please note that your third party will be asked for proof of identity as will you if collecting your certificates and you are no longer on roll. 


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