This page outlines our responses to specific issues surrounding equality. A brief overview is mentioned with a detailed account of our actions within the linked documents in each section. Our Equalities policy can be found on our policies page.

Our existing anti-bullying group ‘Amicus’ offers student support and has a confidential email system in place with the address amicus@royallatin.org and students may also contact safeguarding@royallatin.org in the knowledge that only a qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead will be able to see what they have said.  A reorganisation of the Student Council will provide a strengthened student voice element to support us in further developing our student support.

Black Lives Matter

The Royal Latin School knows that we must acknowledge that racism exists across our country and in our society, including at school level, and in our school. The role secondary school has in shaping and educating young minds is critical to challenging the racism which exists in society, and we are aware that we still have much to do when it comes to addressing issues of racism and inequality in our own community.

At this time, it is not enough to watch as others take action. We all have a responsibility to speak out. We are currently working with BAME students past and present to address issues of racism, inequality and diversity in the school, and to fundamentally rethink and reflect on our own practice going forward.

For more information, please read: Black Lives Matter: RLS Responds

Everyone’s Invited

OFSTED have highlighted the growing concerns that in many schools there is a culture which permits sexual harassment, and implicitly accepts misogynistic behaviour. The Royal Latin School knows that we must acknowledge that such issues affect our own school community, and so we wanted to share with you some of what we are doing with regard to this difficult and important matter. We feel strongly that we need to educate and empower our young people to be able to recognise and call out inappropriate sexual behaviour, and also help them to feel confident in the support that they will get in this from school.

For more information, please read: Sexual Harassment in Schools: RLS Responds

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On Governors in School day @TheRoyalLatin another fascinating visit discussing with staff+ students how well we are proactively tackling issues of equalities, diversity+ inclusion, and what more needs to be done. Never ceases to amaze me how capable+ eloquent our students are 👏 https://t.co/AXozYgZ14p TheRoyalLatin photo
House Rounders Results. Well done everyone:

Year 7 & 8
1st- Stratton
2nd- Denton
3rd- Verney
4th- Newton
5th- Barton
6th- Ruding

Year 9 & 10
1st- Barton
2nd- Newton
3rd- Ruding
4th- Verney
5th- Stratton
6th- Denton

@TheRoyalLatin @RLS_Headteacher
Congratulations to all of the students participating at District Sports. RLS Champions once again. So impressive. Thank you also to all of the PE staff for supporting our students @RLSsport @TheRoyalLatin https://t.co/wuN8PLC6k5 TheRoyalLatin photo
Year 7s old and new enjoying PE. Welcome to the Year 7s of 2022-2023. @TheRoyalLatin @RLS_Headteacher https://t.co/C9iBoEFJRO TheRoyalLatin photo
Mr Hudson congratulated Paul from Yr12 on securing a summer internship. https://t.co/AVbXXwtlg2 TheRoyalLatin photo

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