“If we each do a little, we can come together as Old Latins more powerfully than ever before to help the school build a strong foundation for the future.”

Denise Griffiths, Class of 1980


We are seeking Old Latins to lead the way in becoming founding members of our alumni giving circle called Latin Inspires. Latin Inspires is a community of Old Latins passionate about supporting their old school and helping to inspire future generations of Latins.

Your gift will go towards the final phase of the 600 Campaign, which will see us create a fantastic theatre, music and art facility at the heart of the school and will give students the space and tools to gain the confidence, resilience and expressive skills they need in order to thrive. This project will have a significant and lasting impact on every studdent passing through the Royal Latin. Your gift will helps us to enable young people to express themselves and acquire knowledge and skills which will not only enrich their time at school, but will also remain with them for life.

To confirm your gift to Latin Inspires, please use our online donations checkout at the top right of this page. This is powered for us by Enthuse and feeds into the Royal Latin school Fund account. Gift Aid is also claimed automatically from HMRC through this process which is quicker and easier for us. If you would prefer, you can insteaed download, print and return the paper form.

Thank you!




Application to Sixth Form 2023

Save the Date

The Sixth Form Open Evening will be held on 17th November 2022.

Important announcement

We are open today, Tuesday 13th December. If the situation changes with the weather we will update the website and social media accordingly.