Inspired…by 2023

In 2023, your school will be 600 years old. As we approach this milestone, the RLS 600 Campaign is creating Latin Inspires; a passionate community of Old Latins from around the world and across the generations, all helping to build a brighter future for RLS pupils.

The 600 Campaign has already created a Discovery Centre and transformed the 6th form. By supporting Latin Inspires with a monthly gift from now until 2023, you’ll be helping to inspire future generations of Latins to grow and express themselves through sport and the arts.

The Sports Campus

Student wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds and the Sports Campus will enable us to provide our young people with the facilities that will help them to achieve a healthy balance in their lives. A new 3G pitch and sports performance building containing a fitness suite and mind and body zone will give students more opportunities to try new activities, encourage them to be more active, and enable them to understand the vital importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

The Arts Centre

We have an established reputation as a school which nurtures the artistic talents of students, despite cramped, outdated facilities. It is time to do our emerging young artists and artistes justice, and create a multi-use arts, theatre and music facility right at the heart of the school site. The Arts Centre will give all students more opportunities to grow in confidence by embracing creativity, and sharing their work with the school community and beyond.

Latin Inspires: Your Impact

We’re seeking 100 Old Latins to lead the way in becoming founding members of Latin Inspires, by pledging a monthly gift to the school.

Your gift could help to:

…fund the changing rooms in the new sports campus building

…create a fantastic theatre, music and arts facility at the heart of the school

…give pupils the space and tools to gain the confidence, resilience and expressive

  skills they need in order to thrive at school and beyond

Gifts of any amount welcome! If you donate £34 per month  (£2023 in total) or more, you will be listed on the Latin Inspires roll of honour in school and invited to attend an annual reception, as well as to special events to mark the opening of the Sports Campus and the Arts Centre.

Choose to donate monthly, or if you’d prefer, you can make an annual gift or simply a one-off contribution. As a registered charity, we can also claim Gift Aid on your donations. Please use our online donations checkout to see the options and set up your contribution.

The difference your gift will make…

These projects will have a significant and lasting impact on every student passing through the Royal Latin. Your gift will help us to enable young people to express themselves and acquire knowledge and skills which will not only enrich their time at school, but will also remain with them for life. We think that’s an incredibly powerful gift.

Please consider becoming one of the 100 Old Latins who make this meaningful pledge.

To confirm your gift to Latin Inspires, please use our online donations checkout at the top right of this page. This is powered for us by Charity Checkout and feeds into the Royal Latin School Fund account. Gift Aid is also claimed automatically from HMRC through this process which is quicker and easier for us. If you would prefer, you can instead download, print and return the paper form.


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