Joanna Macklin (née Bryant, Class of 1963)

Tell us what you do for a living?
I am a retired French teacher and lecturer. I taught in Muswell Hill, then Welwyn Garden City and finally Hereford, where we still live.
Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing after you left school?
What’s been your inspiration – what’s pulled you forwards and into your current role?
Getting old.
What would you say is your biggest achievement to date, the thing you’re most proud of? Professionally or personally!
My family.
Was there a particular teacher, or a moment at school that particularly inspired you?
Reg Howard, who awarded me an English prize in my last year at school.
How important do you think your school days were in shaping who you are today?
Very important. I have been left with some great memories and some great friends from my time there.
My last year sticks in my mind in particular – mostly spent in the new building, being a prefect, supervising stone picking, manning the phone when Edna wanted to go shopping, being a bridesmaid in ‘Trial by Jury’, playing hockey and tennis and generally having a good time. Probably not enough work done, but no regrets.  I was also  instrumental in raising money for the swimming pool fund. It’s sad it’s no longer there, as I never got to use it.
I still meet up annually with a group of friends from my year (although sadly not this year, because of Covid-19),
What’s your work:life balance like? How important is that to you?
What advice would you give to today’s student who may be struggling to choose which path to take?
Take your time – you  have  plenty.
Finally, do you have a favourite quote, expression or mantra which inspires you to keep going?
‘All will be we

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