Lakechia Jeanne (Class of 2014)

Tell us what you do for a living?

I have two main jobs that I work on full time, my main role is working within the Local Government – I am on a scheme which is a National Government Development Programme where we learn about leadership and management within the local Government Structure, the programme is two years, and I’ll be finishing it up this September. On the other hand I run a social initiative: where I head up a team of 12 on a mission to encourage and equip girls in to studying and pursuing careers in science and more specifically STEM.  

Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing after you left school?
I’m not – I initially wanted to be a medic, but after a year or two into my first degree, I realised I wanted to be on the policy and strategy side of healthcare in general. So I decided to concentrate less on lab work and pursue public health research.
What’s been your inspiration? What’s pulled you forwards and into your current role?
Whenever I’m asked about my inspiration in any area, I’ll always mention my mum. She has an amazing work ethic, and has always taught me to work hard and to work smart. I think her just motivating me to pursue something that would use as many skills as possible has really pushed me into a field that I love and taught me to think outside the box, and to not just be passive about the opportunities I receive. 
What would you say is your biggest achievement to date, the thing you’re most proud of? Professionally or personally!

One of my biggest achievements would have to be getting an A* in GCSE German! 

Honestly one the best, most recent achievements for myself and my team at Girls in Science was winning two awards in one night for the regional Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire Business Awards, as Non-Profit of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the year, the categories had some amazing finalists, I was genuinely shocked to have been shortlisted and picked.

Was there a particular teacher or a particular moment at school that inspired you? 

So many teachers that have been so significant to me through the years : Mr Ponikiewski – was  super strict ! But he had a heart of gold, and I loved being taught by him, learning German from him was very character-building. Mrs Mason – was probably the most personable teacher – she made us feel like close friends and was so engaging. Mrs Furber really boosted my confidence in chemistry. So many others, Mr Porteous, Mr Farrell, Mrs Reading – all incredible people.

How important do you think your school days were in shaping who you are today?

My time at the Latin was so significant , I think more than anything, it was just an environment that pushed me to always do my best. And that has really developed the way I approach all my endeavours now. Also – I made some amazing friends, all of which are still a part of my life now, and I’m very grateful that RLS gave me that.

What advice would you give to today’s students who may be struggling to choose which path to take beyond school?

Work hard at everything put before you, then be ready and open to opportunities when they come. And try to merge your passions and interests with your skills, and roles that will be useful in the upcoming industries of the future. Also ask lots of questions to people who have jobs and roles that interest you. 

Finally, do you have a favourite quote, expression or mantra which inspires you to keep going?
*Write your plans in pencil , then give God the pen and the eraser.*

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