Sally Button, née Miller (Class of 1979)

Tell us what you do for a living?
I am a receptionist and purchasing manager in an independent primary school. I also deliver Safeguarding training to staff. 
Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing after you left school?
I wanted to be a teacher, so very close.
What’s been your inspiration – what’s pulled you forwards and into your current role?
I worked in sales for 13 years, selling support services to schools I know the education sector very well and wanted to work to help schools save money. 
What would you say is your biggest achievement to date, the thing you’re most proud of? Professionally or personally!
My son is my biggest achievement.
How important do you think your school days were in shaping who you are today?
The school was very strict when I was there, indoor and outdoor shoes, berets, strict school uniform, standing when  teachers came into the classroom. I was taught respect and good etiquette which has stayed with me. 
What’s your work:life balance like? How important is that to you?
Work life balance is fine now. I have always worked since leaving school and have worked in jobs with very long hours. Now as I have got older I just about have it right. Home life has always been priority to me as for 18 years I was single Mum juggling everything. 
What advice would you give to today’s students who may be struggling to choose which path to take beyond school?
I would say, that in time you will find a career path to suit you, it may take some time, but by working hard and gaining good qualifications you will have more choices. I have been learning and bettering myself all my life. 
Finally, do you have a favourite quote, expression or mantra which inspires you to keep going?
Be happy and kind to people, you will learn alot from people who cross your path in life; take it all in you never know when you might need it. Have no regrets, you may make a decision that is right for you at the time, but you may think two months down the road it was the wrong one and that’s OK. Life is too long to be unhappy. 

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