Race to 600

Our student challenge to raise £20,000. See how they are doing here:

The Race to 600 is our overarching challenge to form groups to raise £600 together over the academic year. If they achieve it, it’ll raise over £20,000 for the Sports Campus but not only will their contribution make a really meaningful contribution to the Sports Campus fundraising, it encourages them to embrace the LATIN values of Leadership, Aspiration, Teamwork, Innovation and Nurture. During a year when “working together” hasn’t been as easy as normal with periods of remote-learning, it’s been great to see everyone working together, working incredibly hard, and seeing some amazing successes!

House Totals:

Each form is aiming to raise £600. See how each House is doing compared to others!

If you’d like to give a House a boost, click on the tiles below to take you to a House fundraising page. To see individual form progress, links to each form are below:

Form totals:

To see how each form is doing, please click on the tile below to take you to the JustGiving page which has the most up-to-date totals: