Royal Latin Extraordinary People Awards 2024

Do you know someone who has gone out of their way to help others?

Is there someone in your family, school, business or community who is not only helping those around them, but also inspiring others to follow suit?

As part of its commitment to the community, The Royal Latin School is staging its ‘Extraordinary People Awards’ again in 2024. The 2024 awards will seek to reflect the Royal Latin virtues and aim to recognise those in our community who have demonstrated extraordinary qualities in their efforts to overcome challenges and help others. Nominations open from 13th May 2024 and recipients will be chosen by a panel of judges from our community. Nominations from the school and members of the local community are invited for the following awards:


The Royal Latin Extraordinary People Award for Integrity

We’re seeking someone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities whilst facing challenges, or in helping others. Nominees will have integrity and have the ability to take the lead in a way that inspires those around them to follow; nominations for those who quietly lead by simply doing the right things, and those who lead commandingly, are welcome!

The Royal Latin Extraordinary People Award for Resilience

Overcoming challenges and creating change for others doesn’t come easily. This award seeks to recognise someone who shows remarkable resilience; someone who just keeps on aiming high and dreaming big, despite knock-backs. Someone who keeps those they’re seeking to help at the very centre of their efforts, and who aspires to create real change in their community.

The Royal Latin Extraordinary People Award for Respect

This award is for an individual who is a respected member of a hardworking team; someone who makes the team a better team, who personifies team spirit, and proactively supports and learns from their fellow team members. Someone who treats everyone they encounter with respect, and without judgement. 

The Royal Latin Extraordinary People Award for Courage

This award is for someone who has demonstrated courage – this might be a single courageous act, or an ongoing courageous approach to overcoming adversity in day-to-day life. It could also be someone who has the courage to do things differently, to try to find bold new solutions to problems in order to change things for the better in their community. 

The Royal Latin Extraordinary People Award for Compassion

This award seeks to recognise someone who demonstrates extraordinary levels of compassion for their fellow humans or for the natural world. Whether caring for a friend or family member, supporting colleagues, responding sensitively to the needs of strangers, or nurturing wildlife or plantlife, this person is a shining example of demonstrating empathy and proactively protecting the vulnerable. It may also be someone who dedicates time to nurturing important life skills in others, empowering them in turn to give their best to the world.


Awards Nominations

Please forward your nominations along with any supporting evidence, by completing and submitting the nomination form between 13th May and 24th June 2024


Awards Presentation

Award recipients will be invited to receive their awards from the Headteacher in the presence of invited guests at a small presentation in Autumn 2024. Winners will be presented with an award, a certificate, and opportunities to share their story with students and for the cause of their choice to receive support from the school via a non-uniform day in 2025. All other shortlisted nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and be listed on the awards page on the school website.


Judging Panel

The judging panel will consist of a member of the school’s senior management team, and senior volunteers within the school community. 

Judging Process & Timetable:


13th May 2024: nominations open 

24th June 2024: nominations close; nominations received after this date cannot be considered

25th-28th June 2024: judging panel to review nominations

w/c 1st July 2024: winning recipients to be notified and confirm award acceptance/ceremony attendance; award sponsors to be notified of the winner in their category. Winners to submit photograph and approve paragraph for entry onto school website in Autumn Term

9th October 2024: Awards Presentation to take place

10th October 2024: Award recipients to be announced in post event press release ain in school communications/social media

Terms & Conditions

Nominations must be made in good faith. Nominations of any age are eligible. In the event that a recipient declines to accept the award, the award will be offered to the next highest scoring nomination on the shortlist. By accepting an Award, nominees agree to their name and image being shared publicly. All information submitted in nominations will be treated in confidence; final approval will be sought from recipients prior to any details being made public. 

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